2021 December, 2-4

Caribbean Design Days

Bruk'it Edition
3 Days to break apart and tackle the main challenges of tomorrow's Caribbean!
Artwork by Jamil Frank @jamix20

You're not alone!
This Caribbean Design Days Bruk'it Edition will be the opportunity to grow your business with other Caribbean forces !

During those 3 days, you will be able to live test your business creativity alongside other Caribbean entrepreneurs, around one main topic. You will get insights and masterclasses from Design, Marketing and Strategy experts. Overall, you will get to prototype and test your ideas !
💡 Theme of the edition : "How could we reclaim our Caribbean heritage ?"

Whistle team in a nutshell

Krik ! We believe in education to impulse change.
After many Caribbean & international experiences,
we decided to go back to our homeland (Guadeloupe F.W.I) joining forces with other local actors, to improve Caribbean people’s life through Design ! Let’s define the new standards of being a Caribbean Entrepreneur !

Alvin Arthur


Kimberley Demagny


Arnaud Archimède


We have an aggregated experience of working for more than 150 clients !

The 3 days program !

2021 November, 22-24 
Day 1
Basics for empathizing with your Caribbean audience
→ Theme & problematics presentation
→ Ice Breaker & Group formation
→ Introduction to the Guerilla User Research
→ From Data to Lead

Day 2
Basics for sparking solutions worth growing into a business
→ Creativity methods applied to business
→ Ideation Workshop
→ Concept mapping
→ Prototyping & Beta-tests

Day 3
Make it real
Basics for making your ideas impactful &  bankable
→ Last day of coaching on the way to the final jury
→ Teamwork session : first users feedback, business model & video
→ Pitch with our Jury
→ Networking : Online Caribbean Apero 🎉

Get ready to Bruk'it !

🧠 24h of business creativity, within 3 days of workshops

📒 Whistler HandBook to activate the basics of Caribbean entrepreneurship by Design

🏅︎ Member of our Caribbean business entrepreneur network

Training pricing

Early birds offer
$ 116
x3 installments,
for total of 348 $


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Frequently asked questions

When and where will the event take place ? 

The event will be 100% online on December, 2-4

Is anyone able to join the event ?

Yes. But, for you to have the best experience, we recommend you to have a strong interest in Caribbean entrepreneurship, a special attraction for Caribbean society topics, and a learning mindset !

Will I have to take days off for the training ? 

You still master your own planning. We suggest you to be as free as possible to enjoy the interactions with your peers, the talks, and the production steps. Enabling such conditions will make you proud of the quality of the experience, along with your final deliverables (prototype, pitch, etc.)

Will I work on my own business issues ? 

No. You will work on a shared topic which is "How could we reclaim our Caribbean heritage ?" and will create a business from scratch along with other Caribbean peers. Design methods will help you to get there.